Alligator Hunting In Florida

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Alligator Hunting In Florida In Florida, the gator (Alligator Geochelone Alligatus) is one of the most threatened and dangerous reptiles. The American alligator, also sometimes known colloquially as an alligator or common gator, is an ornamental reptile native to both the Southeastern and tropical United States, a very small population in Central Mexico, and a very large one in the … Read More

Alligator Fishing For Fun

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Alligator Fishing For Fun Alligator fishing is the catching and killing of dangerous gators on the open seas. The United States has implemented strict regulations on the harvesting and captures of alligators and gator skins. The alligator is a native species to south central Florida and is protected by law. There are several methods of taking and killing gator; however, … Read More

Alligator Facts

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Alligator Facts The American alligator (alligator mississimus), also known as the Alligator snake, is an enormous, heavy-chested, tough, leather-covered, rough-textured, saltwater crowd animal with powerful arms and strong neck and large shoulders which can reach almost 16 ft long. It is native only to the southern United States and is now being introduced into most of the central and west-central … Read More

Alligator Biology For the Wild

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Alligator Biology For the Wild Alligator Biology and Ecology of Florida: Evolution of the Alligator in North America is a course taught by a University of Miami biologist that covers a variety of topics pertaining to reptiles, including those that aren’t venomous. The course focuses on the differences between alligators and other reptiles, what makes them so unique, and how … Read More

Alligator Attacks – More Facts

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Alligator Attacks – More Facts An alligator, also known as a crocwilly or crocosaurus, is a reptile belonging to the crocodilian family Alligatoridae of the order crocodilia. The two common living species of crocodiles are the Australian alligator (Crocodylus porosus) and the African alligator (Crocodylus acutus). Crocwilly grow to be about four feet in length and can grow up to … Read More

Alligator Attacks Contd…

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Alligator Attacks Contd… How likely are you going to get attacked by a large alligator during the course of a storm or in any other situation? This is the basis for the popular summer blockbuster “Crawl,† depicting the vicious attacks on human beings by an alligator in its natural habitat. The story takes place in the Everglades and centers on … Read More

Alligator Attacks

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Alligator Attacks The best way to be safe around alligators is to stay calm and keep your eyes open. Alligators do have very sharp teeth and you need to be aware of your surroundings when you are around this reptile. If you are not a confident person, you may want to avoid any encounter with an alligator. These are known … Read More

Alligator Attack: How to Deal With the Fear

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Alligator Attack: How to Deal With the Fear You know that it can be scary to read about the alligator attack in Florida and that is one thing that I will not say too much about because you are going to have to decide what the most important thing that you can do right now is to stay safe and … Read More

Alligator – A Reptile of the Swamp

Alligator – A Reptile of the Swamp Bio: An alligator is a reptile with a gape at the back, or snout, from which its mouth and jaws protrude forward. Alligators, unlike other saltwater crocodilians, have strong powerful tails that are generally used in swiping at prey, particularly in hunting birds. Alligator Dimensions, N’ Such Prehistoric Alligators grew to an average … Read More

A Guide to Reptiles For Pets

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A Guide to Reptiles For Pets The alligator’s head is designed as a snout, and it is a mouth with two openings to allow the reptile to breathe. The upper jaw is used for crushing soft prey and to close the mouth when defending itself. The lower jaw has a sharp pointed tip for grabbing its prey, and the upper … Read More