6 Reasons Your Dog Keeps Licking The Couch

We know our dogs can do some strange things from time to time, but licking the couch is a dog behavior that puzzles many. A couch doesn’t seem like a tasty snack our dogs would be interested in, so a sudden interest in licking the sofa seems out of left field. It’s especially strange when your dog makes a normal … Read More

How to Identify and Treat Mites on Your Dog

It’s essential to understand what mites are and how to know if your dog has them so that they can be treated quickly. Mites cause a lot of discomfort for your dog and present many health issues if left untreated. Read on to learn more about identifying mites on dogs and what to do if your dog has them. What … Read More

Can Dogs Get Allergies?

When your eye starts watering, and you sneeze so much it sounds like a tiny train ah-chooing its way down the street, you probably have allergies. You might look at your pup and wonder if they can have the same problem, or you might suspect that they do have allergies.  Can dogs get allergies, though? Yes, they can. There are … Read More

Can Dogs Eat Okra? What Are The Benefits?

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Can Dogs Eat Artichokes? What Are The Dangers?

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Do Pomeranians Shed?

The Pomeranian is well known for its fuzzy coat and lovable personality. Because Pomeranians sport so much adorable fluff, many assume that the breed is a heavy shedder. Though they will experience heavy shedding at certain points throughout life, that’s not always the case in their day-to-day life. To make sure you know everything there is to know about your … Read More

Can Humans Get Ear Mites From Dogs?

You’ve been doing everything right as a dog parent – balanced diet, regularly spaced meals, playtime, routine walks, trips to the vet, exercise, and daily grooming.  Boom! Your beloved canine gets an infection. Then come the questions. Where did I go wrong? Why couldn’t I prevent this? We understand that pet guilt is a real deal, but you shouldn’t feel … Read More

40 Creative Girl Puppy Names that Won’t Make Your Pup Cringe

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Can You Give Your Dog Tylenol for Pain Relief?

Tylenol is commonly used as a medication for pain and fever. You may wonder if it is safe to give this medication to dogs for pain relief. The simple answer to this is no, you should never give your dog Tylenol or any other over-the-counter medication. Read on to learn more about how Tylenol and other OTC medications can affect … Read More

13 Smallest Dog Breeds in the World

Small dogs are a common favorite amongst dog lovers and are full of personality that makes up for their small size. Many dog owners choose small dog breeds because they are suitable for apartment living and most make great lapdogs. Small dog breeds have a reputation for having a “bark bigger than their bite”, which makes them fun to own … Read More