Dennis Monster Florida Gator Hunt

Dennis and his wife Veronica had a great time this morning. Within 5 minutes of leaving the boat ramp, we passed 8 foot alligators hunting for the Giant Florida Alligator! When we were chasing a 10ft pole we spotted this big boy lurking around the edge and the chase began! This crocodile was not that big because he was stupid … Read More

Titus Family Gator Hunt

The sun had just set when we saw an alligator gliding under the moonlight. A quick cast and next thing we know we’re going to race! What we thought was a medium sized alligator turned out to be a 9ft 7in Florida alligator that had no doubt been hunted before. The swamp donkey ran 5 or 6 times under the … Read More

Dan Trophy Gator Hunt

Dan, Brian and Jeremy’s hunt continues…with Dan harvesting his trophy Florida Gators next door, the weather keeps things interesting. With wind and rain, we had to pull out all the alligator-hunting tricks in the book to catch this bad boy. “We can’t tell you everything, you have to hunt with us to learn all our tricks.” After an intense game … Read More

John Monster Gator Hunt

Why is crocodile hunting so much fun? everything! ! We found this beast in a bag near the bushes where we have seen him a few times this year. He knew every escape route, but I also knew at this point that I could use some tricks to trick him into having to run across us. We were able to … Read More

Family Gator Hunt

Paul and his 2 sons are master hunters! From the moment they stepped aboard, I could tell they were hooked and ready to fight the beast! Wind and cool weather can make things a little tricky but I have a big boy keeping an eye out for them and luckily he was right the last time I saw him. A … Read More

Daniel Giant Gator

Daniel, Bryce and Andy drove here from Ohio to try and hunt alligators…and they did it! Two decent sporting alligators and a very nice swamp monster. We met a lot of great people on the hunt and I have to say these guys were top notch and we had the pleasure of mentoring them, thanks for the opportunity! Very popular-

Warren Dinosaur Gator

Wow! ! Warren gave this dinosaur a slap! We had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people, and Warren was with the best of them. My friend, it has been such a pleasure hunting with you and meeting you. You spotted and caught this alligator, well done! We can’t wait to see you again next year! Congrats again on your … Read More

Mark Gator Success!

Congratulations to Mark P and his Trophy Gator! Everyone was excited when they caught their first alligator, and Mark didn’t disappoint. He should be on cloud nine! Mark snapped at his trophy alligator, as he had been doing for years. Thanks for letting us guide you to your beast! Congratulations again!

Family Gator Hunt

Congratulations to TJ and his family. They took a detour from Disney and did a great job chasing their trophy alligator! Our alligator hunts are open year-round! Call 407-542-7840 to book your hunt today. Big favorite, – Captain Kevin Brotz

TJ Gator Hunt

How about the 4 trophy alligators! That’s what family gator hunting is all about! Congratulations to TJ and his family. They fought well with 4 alligators on their trip to Florida. Smiles and high fives everywhere! Book your safaris today, click here and contact us with your questions. We’d love to help! Book a Hunt of a Lifetime Very popular, … Read More