Trophy Boar Hunt

Ryan, with his father and brother, picked up the trophy boar on a fantastic hunt. Both brothers came home with great trophies and fond memories to cap off their hunt with their father. Great shot, thanks for letting us guide you on this hunt. Click here to contact us and book a wild boar hunt today!

Cody Boar Hog

Blake and his two sons have done a fantastic job earning two trophy boars that anyone would be proud of! Both boys rode wild boars, sure to be the spoils of a lifetime! Congratulations again, and thanks for the opportunity to be a part of your hunt! Click here to contact us and learn more about our 100% success rate! … Read More

Angelina Trophy Boar

Huge congratulations to Angelina and her dad on the harvest of a trophy boar that anyone would be proud of. Angelina was racing in Orlando, her father decided to take her on a pig hunt and they definitely created memories that will last forever. Thank you for letting us be a part of your Florida trip. Well done! ! !

A true Swamp Slam!

Congratulations to Tim for completing the real swamp slam! Tim wanted a trophy boar and he definitely got it! This wild boar is memorable and definitely something to be proud of. Well done Tim! Thanks for hunting with us. Read the next post and you’ll see Tim’s Monster Gator!

Trophy Boar Slam Dunk

Daniel slams into the swamp and hits the ball with a full dunk. His trophy boar will make everyone jealous, and he picks up a damn crocodile to end it! Surf and Turf Babes! We hunt forest and water!

Pork Chops!

Jarod smoked the pig during a field hunt. Unaware that Jarod is a half-ninja, the fat pig sneaks into the pig’s kitchen. The pig didn’t know what hit him and fell down! Well done man, well done!

Boar with a Bow!

Few things are more exciting than lying on the ground with wild boars. Thomas slapped the boar, and his enraged broad-headed boar threw a wrench at work. Keep it up, sir!

Blood Pumping Boar Hunt!

Need something to pick you up? Tim and his family did a fantastic job of spotting and hunting down this trophy boar from Florida. Like adult whitetail deer, trophy pigs deserve high fives and bragging rights. This thing has some serious tailoring and would look great on Tim’s wall. Thank you for letting us accompany you on your wild boar … Read More

Fresh Pork!! Its what’s for dinner!

After chasing his trophy alligator, Gary wanted more meat for the freezer, so we got out of the water and into the woods. Luckily, that means it’s only a 5 minute drive from our hotel. We let the dogs out and the hunt began! We use side by side to keep up with the dogs. The pig squeaked as loud … Read More

Bring your boy to work day!

I live for that smile! – Kevin Brotz My boy! “I Can Do It, Daddy” Lead actor Tristan kills him with a blowgun! This kid is awesome! Put your kids to work! I couldn’t be more proud of Hunter! At 3 years old, he is confident enough to get involved but cautious enough to keep him safe. Many thanks to … Read More