Why Does California Have So Many Wildfires?

In recent years, wildfires in California have grown in their enormity. Thirteen of the most destructive wildfires in California have occurred within the past five years. These wildfires were collectively responsible for destroying up to 40,000 properties and pieces of infrastructure. The wildfires during this period burned up a land area equivalent to about 4% of the state’s total land … Read More

Alaska’s Earthquakes: Which Were the Biggest?

Earthquakes have been shaking things up in Alaska since time immemorial. According to specific devices that sense tectonic movement, Alaska may have a minor earthquake every ten minutes. In fact, Alaska has an average of 1,000 earthquakes a month. And, while official statistics range from 12,000 to a staggering 50,000 annually, clearly, the ground is almost always shaking in Alaska. … Read More

What Is a Wildfire, and What Causes Them?

Wildfires are increasingly common things, devasting millions of natural land, urban environments, and animal habitats. You might hear them called “forest fires,” “wildfires,” “brush fires,” and more. In almost all cases, these fires are spread through areas of combustible vegetation. That means that these fires distribute themselves through plant matter, although they are caused by a number of things. These … Read More

Which Countries Have The Most Hurricanes?

Hurricanes are powerful weather events that get their power from the heat in tropical waters. These violent storms often start as a tropical wave, a low-pressure area that moves through the wet and humid tropics and could produce more showers and storms.  As this weather system moves west through the tropics, warm air from the ocean rises into the storm, … Read More

6 Haunting Flash Flood Videos that Show Their True Power

Flash floods can occur in minutes or hours after heavy rainfall, and it doesn’t have to be raining where you are for a flash flood to occur. Rain that falls at a higher elevation can cause them. Because of their speed and unpredictability, people are often taken by surprise by flash floods. In our modern era, people always have their … Read More

The 7 Strongest Hurricanes Ever Recorded on Earth

Hurricanes hold the title of “king” among the various types of natural disasters. With wind speeds well over 100 miles per hour, these massive storms have the potential to cause widespread destruction. There is no safe hurricane, yet, some hurricanes are stronger than others.  The amount of damage caused is heavily influenced by where it makes landfall. The growth of … Read More

The Devastating Effects of Pakistan’s “Apocalyptic” Floods

Pakistan is a beautiful country with a wide variety of ecosystems. It spans from the Arabian Sea to the Karakoram Mountains in the north of the country. Even though it is just about twice the size of the state of California, it has a population of over 240 million people. Over 30 million of those people have been affected by … Read More

What Causes a Geyser?

You might have seen a geyser in various scientific videos or perhaps you have seen one in animated movies as a way for the characters to encounter a hurdle on their journey. Nonetheless, you are here. And you are probably wondering what is a geyser and why is it erupting out of the ground. Or more importantly, how is all … Read More

What Are Floods, and How Are They Caused?

Flooding results when water enters an area quickly and cannot drain, evaporate, or soak into the ground. There are many kinds of floods. Flash floods and river floods are the most common. A flash flood happens when excessive rainfall-related runoff happens quickly. This raises the water level (stage) in a stream or normally dry channel. Dry climates and rocky terrain … Read More

What Is a Flash Flood? The Deadly Phenomenon Explained

The term “flash floods” refers to floods that occur during or shortly after the precipitation. It causes a high surge in water. As a result, flash floods occur in small catchment areas where the drainage basin’s response time is short.  Flash floods can wreak havoc and cause significant negative impacts worldwide. This is partly due to the water’s quick rise … Read More