Loquat vs. Kumquat

Loquats and kumquats sound as if they’re related, but they’re not. In fact, aside from their similar-sounding names and the fact that they’re both fruit, they’re very different in most respects. In fact, comparing loquats and kumquats is akin to comparing apples and oranges! In this article, we will compare loquats and kumquats so you can understand both fruits better. … Read More

Indigo vs. False Indigo: Key Differences

Indigo and false indigo are two very different perennial plants that are extremely valuable to humans. Despite their names, they they differ significantly in terms of taxonomy, appearance, classification, history, usage, and other key criteria. This article will explain the differences between these plants as well as their uses. True IndigoFalse IndigoScientific NameIndigofera tinctoriaBaptisia australisSizeCan grow up to 3 feet … Read More

Pensacola Bahia Grass vs. Argentine

Tropical grasses from South America are a great way to grow lawns on the sandy, sun-soaked south coast, plus they provide excellent pasture and soil erosion protection. There are a few species of Bahia grass and each is slightly different. Let’s take a look at Pensacola Bahia grass vs. Argentine Bahia grass. The Main Difference Between Pensacola Bahia Grass vs. … Read More

Boxwoods: Wintergreen vs. Winter Gem

If you’re planning a garden overhaul, consider these two Korean boxwoods: Wintergreen and/or Winter Gem. These are two really excellent boxwood plants that stay green all year round and smell deliciously sweet in spring. They love the shade, they’re hardy to minus 20 degrees F, and they bring year-round color. What’s not to love? However, they look very similar. Let’s … Read More

Pruning Coleus: How To Trim Your Coleus for a Healthier Plant

Coleus is easy to care for, and you can plant them outdoors and indoors. It may sound counterintuitive to cut a plant to make it grow, but pruning coleus will encourage a bushier plant that can better display its colorful foliage. Pruning is an essential step for growing a healthy coleus, as it will help you remove any dead leaves … Read More

When to Plant Coleus by Zone

Coleus is a genus of plants that thrive in tropical and subtropical areas. They need warm temperatures to grow and can easily die at low temperatures. For this reason, you must be careful when choosing where and when to plant your coleus. In this article, we’ll go over when to plant coleus by zone. We’ll also cover some other relevant … Read More

Brandon Arborvitae vs. Emerald Green

Brandon Arborvitae and Emerald Green are both evergreen conifer trees that grow tall and dense, but there are a few differences between them. Let’s take a closer look at these two magnificent trees and discover what holds Brandon Arborvitae vs. Emerald Green apart. Difference Between Brandon Arborvitae and Emerald Green There are two main differences between these evergreen trees. The … Read More

Kousa Dogwood vs. Flowering Dogwood: How Different Are They?

Dogwood trees make a beautiful addition to any yard, garden, or landscaped space. But choosing which species to plant may be difficult. There are just so many lovely options. So, this article takes a deeper look at the kousa dogwood (Cornus kousa) and the flowering dogwood (Cornus florida). We explore the unique characteristics of each, how you can tell them … Read More

Eucalyptus Globulus vs. Radiata: What Are The Differences?

Eucalyptus has unmistakably scented foliage and of course, it’s loved by koalas, but will it grow in your garden? What exactly is the difference between eucalyptus globulus vs. radiata? Let’s find out more. The Main Differences Between Eucalyptus Globulus and Radiata Eucalyptus globulus and radiata are both tall evergreen trees that can top 100 feet in height, but they have … Read More