: First day of the season! (UPDATED 2023)

@team_voodoo First day of the season! #gatorhunting #teamvoodoo #voodooyoulove #huntingseason2020 #swampgearcoolers ♬ or... - Gator Hunting Florida


First day of the season! #gatorhunting #teamvoodoo #voodooyoulove #huntingseason2020 #swampgearcoolers

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Team Voodoo is ready to start hunting season 2020! They shared a video of their first day of the season, featuring swamp gear coolers and the hashtag #gatorhunting. Team Voodoo is encouraging their followers to join the hunt and use the hashtag #voodooyoulove. With the right gear, they’re ready to make this season the best yet! #teamvoodoo #huntingseason2020 #swampgearcoolers

READ MORE – @team_voodoo First day of the season! #gatorhunting #teamvoodoo #voodooyoulove #huntingseason2020 #swampgearcoolers ♬ or…


when going to gator hunting

Gator Hunting Tips for 2020

  • Invest in the right gear – swamp gear coolers, waders, and a good hunting knife are must-haves.
  • Know the terrain – familiarize yourself with the area you’re hunting in and the best times to spot gators.
  • Be aware of the weather – wind and rain can affect your chances of success.
  • Be patient – gators can be elusive and it may take some time to spot one.
  • Stay safe – never approach a gator and always keep your distance.
  • Enjoy the experience – gator hunting is an amazing experience and should be enjoyed responsibly.

It’s the start of a new season and time to get ready for some #gatorhunting with #teamvoodoo! Make sure you’re prepared with the right #swampgearcoolers and #voodooyoulove for a successful and safe hunt. Good luck and have fun!


Team Voodoo is a group of passionate hunters and outdoorsmen from the Florida Everglades. The team was founded in 2020 and consists of five members: Captain Joe, Elmer, Chad, John, and Luke. The team specializes in hunting alligators and other wildlife in the Everglades. They use a variety of techniques to pursue their quarry, including baiting, stalking, and trapping. Team Voodoo is committed to ethical hunting practices and conservation of the Everglades’ natural resources. They also have a line of premium hunting gear, including swamp coolers, custom-made gator calls, and more.



1. What type of hunting does @Team_Voodoo specialize in?
Answer: @Team_Voodoo specializes in alligator hunting.

2. What type of gear does @Team_Voodoo provide?
Answer: @Team_Voodoo provides top quality alligator hunting gear, including swamp gear coolers.

3. What type of hunting season does @Team_Voodoo offer?
Answer: @Team_Voodoo offers an annual alligator hunting season beginning in the early summer months.

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