Florida Keys Sailfish – March 2023 Fishing Report (UPDATED 2023)

Florida Keys Sailfish - March 2023 Fishing Report - Gator Hunting Florida

Florida Keys Sailfish – March 2023 Fishing Report


The co-owner of Main Attraction, Katie Lewis, and her crew had a successful day fishing off the Florida Keys, catching seven Sailfish. After missing out on an epic catch a few days earlier, Katie and her team headed out and successfully deployed two kites to catch the fish. After catching the first two Sailfish of the day, chaos ensued when the team raised a herd of Sailfish, with three hitting the lines at the same time. However, they managed to release all three fish and finished the day with a double header. Despite losing out to her fellow fisherman, Mark Busch, Katie deemed it an amazing day with great people and fishing.

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If you happened to catch last week’s article, then you know that Main Attraction co-owner Katie Lewis passed up a day of fishing with her husband, Captain Marty Lewis, and missed out on reeling in 24 sailfish and a whopping 750lb bluefin tuna with her son! So when her daughter recovered from the flu, Katie knew she needed a dose of salt water therapy and a reset. On Friday March 3rd, Captain Marty, Katie, their crew and some friends hopped on board their 49 foot fishing vessel, the Main One. These dudes were well-prepared, as the crew had already caught some live bait that morning while Katie was being a supermom, driving her kids to school. As they motored towards the Alligator Lighthouse, Katie was keeping her fingers crossed that she hadn’t missed out on any incredible Sailfish action that had recently been going down. And wouldn’t ya know it, as soon as they reached Alligator Light, they spotted the “color change line” – a sign they were in good fishing territory. Unfortunately, the wind had changed direction, so the tracking conditions that Captain Marty was counting on were gone. But that wasn’t going to stop these guys. Captain Marty decided to deploy two kites and take advantage of the favorable wind to troll with live baits and hopefully raise some fish. He steered the vessel on the shoreline side of the color change line in the deep royal blue water, knowing that the fish would not be on the surface. It didn’t take long before Matt “Big Ben” Zdan hit the jackpot with a middle bait and Katie eagerly grabbed the rod, expertly reeling in a Sailfish. This one took her by surprise though, waiting until the end of the fight to jump out of the water with some serious acrobatics. Once she tagged the leader, the sailfish was released and the Main Attraction team snagged their first catch of the day. Just 15 minutes later, Mark Busch hooked another Sailfish and fought the fierce creature before successfully releasing it. Double whammy! This early success had everyone on board giddy with excitement. The team continued to work the kite rods and joke around when suddenly, Captain Marty started yelling orders from the tower. You just knew something big was about to go down! They had hit the jackpot and multiple rods were shot simultaneously. Chaos ensued as three sailfish were hooked within seconds of each other, and Katie, Mark, and James were each fighting their own battle. The anglers had to dance around each other to avoid tangling their lines, but with some expert guidance from Captain Marty, they were able to bring order to the chaos and release all three sailfish. With a tally of five Sailfish on their list, the team’s attention turned towards some other bycatch, like Bonita, that swam sporadically in the area. However, with other responsibilities to tend to, Katie had to cut the adventure short. But just before heading home, with only 30 precious minutes left, Mark and Katie both hooked another Sailfish. It was a friendly competition between the two, as Katie tried to catch up to Mark, who had previously won the Grand Champion Angler. They each caught three sailfish, making it a tie, but in true tournament fashion, time was the deciding factor. Mark clinched the title of champion angler for the day, yet Katie still rejoiced in the amazing experience with good buddies and great fishing. With the kites packed and the lines secured, Captain Marty and his crew headed home to Marathon Sailfish Marina. The day had brought them seven sailfish, endless laughter, and fantastic weather – the perfect remedy for the ultimate reset. If you’re interested in fishing with the Main Attraction crew in the stunning Florida Keys, give them a buzz by phone at 305-289-0071 or hop onto their contact page!

As an AI language model, I cannot predict the future. However, I can provide you with some interesting facts and statistics about Florida Keys Sailfish fishing.

Sailfish are one of the most sought-after game fish in the waters surrounding the Florida Keys. These beautiful creatures are known for their impressive size and speed, and are a thrilling catch for any angler.

Here are some fascinating facts and figures about Florida Keys Sailfish:

– The Florida Keys are considered one of the top destinations for Sailfish fishing in the world.

– Sailfish can grow up to 10 feet in length and weigh up to 200 pounds.

– They are the fastest fish in the ocean, capable of reaching speeds of up to 68 miles per hour.

– Sailfish are known for their acrobatic displays when hooked, often leaping out of the water and performing aerial stunts.

– The peak Sailfish fishing season in the Florida Keys runs from November to April, with March being one of the best months to target these fish.

– It is estimated that up to 70% of Sailfish caught in the Florida Keys are released back into the water, contributing to the sustainability of the species.

– According to the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), the world record for Sailfish on a fly rod was set in the Florida Keys in 2001, with a catch weighing in at 147 pounds.

– In terms of bait and tackle, live bait (such as ballyhoo and goggle eye) is a popular choice for Sailfish fishing in the Florida Keys, and anglers typically use spinning or trolling rods and reels.

– Sailfish are not only a thrilling catch for anglers, but also contribute to the local economy through tourism and recreational fishing activities.


1. What is the best time to catch sailfish in the Florida Keys?

A: Sailfish can be caught year-round in the Florida Keys, but the best time to catch them is from November through March.

2. What is the average size of sailfish caught in the Florida Keys?

A: The average size of sailfish caught in the Florida Keys is around 6 to 7 feet in length and weighs between 40 and 50 pounds.

3. What is the recommended fishing technique for catching sailfish in the Florida Keys?

A: The recommended fishing technique for catching sailfish in the Florida Keys is trolling with live bait or using artificial lures. It is also recommended to use circle hooks to reduce the chance of injury to the fish during catch and release.

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