Gator season. #livingthedream #drycreekoutdoorsllc (UPDATED 2023)

@robcarnahan Gator season. #livingthedream #drycreekoutdoorsllc #gatorhunting #gatorhunt  ♬ original sound - Rob Carnaha... - Gator Hunting Florida


Alligator season. #livingthedream #drycreekoutdoorsllc #gatorhunting #gatorhunt

♬ original sound – Rob Carnahan


Rob Carnahan is living the dream and taking part in alligator season with Dry Creek Outdoors LLC. Gator hunting is a thrilling and unique experience that requires special skill and patience. Rob is taking part in the hunt and is sharing his experience through photos and videos. With the hashtag #gatorhunt, he is inviting others to join in on the adventure.

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when going gator hunting:

1. Invest in quality gear – from a sturdy boat to a reliable harpoon, make sure you have the right tools for the job.
2. Know the area – research the best areas for gator hunting and familiarize yourself with the terrain.
3. Bring a friend – it’s always better to have a buddy to help watch for signs of gators and provide assistance if needed.
4. Have patience – gator hunting is a waiting game, so be prepared to stay out in the field for long periods of time.
5. Be aware of the laws – make sure you’re familiar with the local regulations and hunting season dates.
6. Use the right bait – use something that will attract the gators, such as fish, frogs, or even marshmallows.
7. Stay alert – keep your eyes and ears open for signs of gators, such as loud splashing noises or sudden movements in the water.
8. Stay safe – always wear a life jacket and stay away from the gator’s mouth and tail.
9. Respect the animal – remember that the gator is a wild animal and should be treated with respect.
10. Have fun – gator hunting is an exciting and rewarding experience, so don’t forget to enjoy the moment!


Rob Carnahan is an alligator hunter from Florida. He has been hunting gators for over 20 years and has become well known for his successful gator hunting expeditions. He has been featured on numerous television shows, including Swamp People, and has even been featured in a music video for the song “Gator Season”. He is an advocate for conservation and is passionate about educating the public on the importance of managing the alligator population in a sustainable manner.


Q1: What is the best time of year to hunt gators?
A1: The best time to hunt gators is during the late summer and early fall months, when gator activity is at its peak.

Q2: What equipment do I need to successfully hunt gators?
A2: You will need a boat, a harpoon or bang stick, a hook and line, and a landing net. You may also need a hunting license and a tag, depending on the state you are hunting in.

Q3: Is gator hunting dangerous?
A3: Gator hunting can be dangerous if you don’t take the proper precautions. Always follow all safety protocols and use the proper equipment when hunting gators.

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