Gettin after it down here in the swamps of Louisiana with Jay Molinere and RJ. (UPDATED 2023)


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Jay Molinere and RJ are chasing a gator in the Louisiana swamps. They are accompanied by Sarah Tco and are engaging in the classic tradition of gator hunting. This is a popular activity for kids and outdoorsmen alike, and is a great way to immerse oneself in the unique culture of the swamplife. KALEO’s song ‘Down We Go’ serves as the perfect soundtrack to this adventure.

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before going gator hunting in Louisiana:

1. Pack the right gear: You’ll need sturdy boots, a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, and a hat to protect yourself from the sun and insects. A good pair of binoculars will help you spot gators from a distance.

2. Know the regulations: Louisiana has specific rules and regulations for hunting alligators. Make sure you are familiar with the regulations before you go out.

3. Get a guide: Experienced guides can help you find the best spots and teach you the best techniques.

4. Be patient: Gator hunting can be a slow process, so you’ll need to be patient and wait for the right opportunity.

5. Be safe: Alligators can be dangerous, so make sure you stay a safe distance away and keep your hands and feet away from their mouths.

6. Respect the environment: Remember to leave the area as you found it and respect the wildlife.

7. Have fun: Gator hunting is a great outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Have fun, but be sure to stay safe!

Sarah Tco is an outdoor enthusiast from Louisiana. She is an avid hunter, fisherman, and angler. She is also an advocate for conservation and wildlife preservation. She is a member of the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission and has been featured on the TV show “Gator Boys” with Jay Molinere and RJ. She is passionate about protecting Louisiana’s natural resources and educating others about the importance of conservation.


Q1: What type of gator hunting do you do in Louisiana?
A1: We do alligator hunting by boat, with either a harpoon, a bangstick, or a rod and reel.

Q2: How do you prepare for a successful gator hunt?
A2: Preparation is key to a successful gator hunt. We make sure to have the right equipment, a good boat, and a well-trained crew. We also scout the area for the best spots to hunt and set up baits.

Q3: What safety measures do you take when gator hunting?
A3: We always take safety seriously when gator hunting. We make sure to wear the proper safety gear, such as life jackets and waders. We also take extra precautions when handling firearms and other dangerous equipment.

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