How we set lines. (UPDATED 2023)

@jessfareezyguidry How we set  lines. #girlsthatfish #girlsthathunt #girlsthatshoot #girlsdoitbetter #hunt #hunting #all... - Gator Hunting Florida


How we set 🐊 lines. #girlsthatfish #girlsthathunt #girlsthatshoot #girlsdoitbetter #hunt #hunting #alligatorhunting #foryou

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JessFareezyGuidry is an outdoors enthusiast who loves to hunt, fish and shoot. She has shared a video of her setting alligator lines and encourages other women to get out and explore the outdoors. She uses hashtags such as #girlsthatfish, #girlsthathunt, #girlsthatshoot and #girlsdoitbetter to promote her message and inspire other women to join her in her outdoor pursuits. She encourages women to take up hunting, fishing and shooting, and is passionate about connecting with other women who have the same interests.

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when setting alligator lines:

1. Choose the right bait – Alligators are attracted to live bait like frogs, fish, and birds.

2. Use a strong line – Alligators have powerful jaws and sharp teeth, so you need a line that can handle the pressure.

3. Use the right hooks – Alligator hooks are designed to hold the bait in place, and they should be large enough to hold the bait securely.

4. Set the lines in the right areas – Alligators are most likely to be found in shallow, murky waters, so set the lines in areas where alligators are likely to be.

5. Check the lines regularly – Alligators can move quickly, so check the lines frequently to make sure your bait is still in place.

6. Be patient – Alligators can be slow to take the bait, so you need to be patient and wait for them to take the bait.

7. Be safe – Alligators can be dangerous, so make sure you take all necessary safety precautions when setting lines. Wear protective gear, stay alert, and never put yourself in a dangerous situation.

Jess Fareezy Guidry is an avid outdoorswoman, hunter, and angler who loves to share her passion for the outdoors with others. She is the founder of Girls That Fish, Girls That Hunt, and Girls That Shoot, which are three organizations dedicated to empowering and inspiring women to get outdoors and experience the beauty and adventure of nature. She is also an ambassador for the National Wild Turkey Federation and the National Rifle Association. She has been featured in several magazines and television shows, including Sportsman Channel’s “The Choice” and “Outdoor Adventure”, and has been a guest speaker at various events throughout the country. Her mission is to encourage women to get involved in the outdoors, and to be an advocate for conservation and responsible hunting and fishing practices.


Q1: What type of fishing does Jess Fareezy Guidry specialize in?
A1: Jess Fareezy Guidry specializes in inshore fishing, targeting species such as redfish, speckled trout, and flounder.

Q2: What equipment does Jess Fareezy Guidry use for fishing?
A2: Jess Fareezy Guidry uses a variety of equipment, including rods, reels, lures, and lines.

Q3: What advice does Jess Fareezy Guidry have for beginner anglers?
A3: Jess Fareezy Guidry advises beginner anglers to start with the basics, such as learning how to tie knots, casting, and understanding the environment. She also suggests starting with smaller, easier-to-catch fish species before moving on to more challenging ones.

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