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@nateburnhammusic Instant Cajun #cajun #cajuntiktok #alligatorhunting #totalarcherychallenge #hoyt #bowhuntingalligator ... - Gator Hunting Florida


Instant Cajun #cajun #cajuntiktok #alligatorhunting #totalarcherychallenge #hoyt #bowhuntingalligator #bowhunting4life #eastonfmj #lousianacheck #alligatorsoftiktok #EasyWithAdobeExpress #SmellLikeIrishSpring #teamadventurebuddies #bowhunter #isitseptemberyet @totalarchery



Instant Cajun is a TikTok hashtag that features videos of people in Louisiana hunting alligators with bows and arrows. The hashtag is popular with the Total Archery Challenge, Hoyt, Easton FMJ, and bowhunting4life communities. It also features the #alligatorsoftiktok, #EasyWithAdobeExpress, #SmellLikeIrishSpring, and #teamadventurebuddies hashtags. The hashtag was created to promote bowhunting and the culture of Louisiana. It is popular among bowhunters who are looking forward to the start of the alligator hunting season in September.

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before hunting alligators

1. Get the Right Gear: Investing in quality alligator hunting gear is essential to success. This includes a bow, arrows, bowstring, and other items such as a boat, waders, and line.

2. Know Where to Look: Alligators live in swamps, marshes, and other wetland areas, so scout out these spots to find them.

3. Stay Alert: Alligators can be dangerous, so it’s important to stay alert and aware of your surroundings.

4. Be Patient: Alligators can be elusive and hard to spot, so patience is key.

5. Know the Law: Be sure to familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations regarding alligator hunting in your area.

6. Use the Right Bait: Alligators are attracted to certain baits, such as chicken, fish, and frogs.

7. Be Prepared: Hunting alligators is no easy task, so make sure you’re prepared for the challenge.

8. Be Safe: Alligators can be dangerous, so always practice safety while hunting.

9. Have Fun: Hunting alligators can be a thrilling experience, so make sure you have fun while doing it!

Nate Burnham is a Cajun musician from Louisiana. He is best known for his unique blend of traditional Cajun music and modern country music. He has released two albums, “Cajun Country” and “Cajun Revival”. He has performed at festivals throughout the United States and Canada, including the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, the Grand Ole Opry, the Country Music Association Awards, and the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame. He has also been featured on the Food Network’s “Cajun Country Kitchen” and appeared on the CMT series “Country Music Across America”. His music has been featured in films, television shows, and commercials. He is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys bow hunting alligators in the Atchafalaya Basin. He is also a competitive archer and has competed in the Total Archery Challenge and the Hoyt Archery Pro Series.


Q1: What type of music does Nate Burnham make?
A1: Nate Burnham makes Cajun music, a style of music that originated in Louisiana.

Q2: What instruments does Nate Burnham use to create his music?
A2: Nate Burnham typically uses a fiddle, guitar, and accordion to create his music.

Q3: What is Nate Burnham’s most popular song?
A3: Nate Burnham’s most popular song is his single “Instant Cajun”.

#nateburnhammusic #Instant #Cajun #cajun #cajuntiktok #alligatorhunting #totalarcherychallenge #hoyt #bowhuntingalligator

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