My head mount is in! (UPDATED 2023)

@jessfareezyguidry My head mount is in!!!  #girlsthatfish #girlsthathunt #girlsthatshoot #alligator #alligatorhunting #a... - Gator Hunting Florida


My head mount is in! 🐊 #girlsthatfish #girlsthathunt #girlsthatshoot #alligator #alligatorhunting #alligatorseason #alligatorhunting #gatorseason #hunt #hunting #girlshuntbetter #huntgram #girlsdoitbetter

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JessFareezyGuidry announces that she has received her head mount, indicating a successful alligator hunting season. She includes a list of hashtags celebrating girl hunters and their skills.

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Are you ready to step up your alligator hunting game? Well, here are some tips and facts that you should be aware of before taking on this daunting task:

1. Get yourself a reliable head mount: like JessFareezyGuidry, having a durable and secure head mount is crucial for a successful alligator hunt. You should invest in one that can handle the weight and strength of the alligator.

2. Know the hunting season: Alligator hunting is seasonal, so make sure you research the dates and regulations of your area. Hunting out of season can result in hefty fines and legal issues.

3. Be prepared for the hunt: Alligator hunting is serious business, so make sure you are equipped with the necessary gear. This includes a sturdy boat, quality bait, and a sharp hunting knife.

4. Aim for the right spot: It’s crucial to know where to shoot an alligator in order to take it down humanely. The recommended spot is just behind the eye on the side of the head.

5. Stay alert and aware: Alligators are known to be clever and unpredictable creatures, so stay vigilant during your hunt. Keep a lookout for any potential dangers and don’t let your guard down.

6. Dispose of the carcass responsibly: Once you’ve successfully hunted an alligator, it’s important to dispose of the carcass responsibly. Don’t leave it in the open as it can attract other predators and cause environmental issues.

By following these tips and being cautious, you can have a successful alligator hunting experience like JessFareezyGuidry. Good luck and happy hunting!

Unfortunately, as an AI language model, I do not have access to personal information about individuals unless it is publicly available. Therefore, I cannot provide you with further details about @jessfareezyguidry. However, I can tell you that alligator hunting is a regulated activity and requires a permit in most states where it is legal. In Louisiana, for example, alligator hunting season runs from September to October and requires a special license and tag for each alligator harvested. Additionally, head mounts are a common way to display trophy animals in hunting and fishing culture.


1. What type of head mount did @jessfareezyguidry receive?
Answer: @jessfareezyguidry received an alligator head mount.

2. What are some other outdoor activities that @jessfareezyguidry enjoys?
Answer: @jessfareezyguidry enjoys fishing, hunting, and shooting.

3. Was @jessfareezyguidry successful in her alligator hunt?
Answer: The post does not indicate whether or not @jessfareezyguidry was successful in her alligator hunt.

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