St. Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach offers something for everyone (UPDATED 2023)

St. Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach offers something for everyone - Gator Hunting Florida

St. Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach offers something for everyone


St. Andrews State Park in Florida offers over 1,200 acres of nature to explore with salt marshes, undulating sand dunes, and a beachfront on the Gulf of Mexico. Wildlife including alligators, coyotes, and raccoons can be found in the park, as well as trails and a 2-mile paved bike trail offering views of the Gulf. Shell Island, a 770-acre wilderness, is accessible by ferry in the spring and summer. The park also offers fishing piers, water sports, a kiddy pool, and an environmental interpretation center. Camping sites are available, and the park has a historic military reservation dating back to World War II. Admission fees range from $2-$8 depending on mode of entry.

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Welcome to St. Andrews State Park, where the sun shines bright, the wildlife is wild and the adventure is endless! This gem of a park is consistently ranked among the top ten parks in Florida and it’s not hard to see why – it’s got over 1,200 acres of pure awesomeness.

Nature lovers, get ready to lose your minds – this place has salt marshes, sand pine scrub, rolling sand dunes, and over 1 ½ miles of beach along the Gulf of Mexico. You’ll spot snowy egrets, great egrets, blue herons, and little blue herons nesting in the salt marsh areas, while least terns and snowy plovers make their homes in the shoreline. Plus, there are white-tailed deer, gopher tortoises, raccoons, coyotes, alligators, marsh rabbits, and cottontails roaming around. Don’t be surprised if you run into one of these furry friends on your adventure!

Take a hike into heaven on one of the two trails that wind through the sand pine scrub ecosystem and offer beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico and the Grand Lagoon. If you want to catch a glimpse of natural badass it doesn’t get much cooler than checking out the gators, wading birds, and other small animals from the Gator Lake Trail. If you prefer your adventures on two wheels, there’s a 2-mile paved bike trail for you to explore too.

Shell Island is a must-see for all you adventure seekers out there – it’s 770 acres of pure, untouched wilderness. You can stroll along the shoreline of the Grand Lagoon or the Gulf of Mexico and really get your nature fix. Pro tip – ride the ferry that’s available in the spring and summer, it’ll take you across the Grand Lagoon to the island and give you an even more unforgettable experience.

For all you fishing fanatics, this park is a no-brainer. There are two fishing piers, one in the Grand Lagoon and the other that extends all the way into the Gulf. You’ll be reeling in the catch of the day in no time!

Ready to dive into the waters of St. Andrews State Park? You can do that too! Whether it’s swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, or canoeing, there’s plenty of water-based adventures to be had. There’s even a “kiddy pool” with calm, shallow waters that’s perfect for the little ones to splash around in.

Don’t forget to stop by the environmental interpretation center near the main entrance where you can learn more about the park’s plant and animal life. And if you need a break from all the exploring, there are three stores open during the summer season that offer snacks, souvenirs, bait, fishing licenses, and rentals for chairs, umbrellas, snorkel gear, and kayaks.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on down to St. Andrews State Park – where the history is rich, the adventure is boundless, and the nature is wild!

St. Andrews State Park is located on the far east end of Panama City Beach in Florida. It offers visitors a variety of activities including fishing, camping, hiking, paddling, and swimming.

Some interesting statistics about the park include:

– The park covers 1,260 acres of land and water
– It has two miles of beaches, some of which have been rated as the top beaches in the country
– St. Andrews State Park has been recognized as a Blue Wave Beach by the Clean Beaches Coalition, which means it meets high standards for cleanliness, safety, and environmental management
– The park includes a nature trail that takes visitors through a coastal forest and along the shore of the bay
– In addition to camping, the park has 176 picnic tables and several pavilions available for day use
– St. Andrews State Park is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including shorebirds, sea turtles, and dolphins
– The park was damaged by Hurricane Michael in 2018, but has since been restored and reopened to the public

Overall, St. Andrews State Park is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and beachgoers alike. Its natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and environmental accolades make it a unique and worthwhile place to visit.


1. What activities are available at St. Andrews State Park?
Answer: St. Andrews State Park offers a variety of activities for visitors, including hiking trails, fishing, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, and camping.

2. How much does it cost to enter St. Andrews State Park?
Answer: The entrance fee for St. Andrews State Park is $8 for a single occupant vehicle, $16 for a vehicle with 2-8 people, and $4 for pedestrians or bicyclists.

3. Is there beach access at St. Andrews State Park?
Answer: Yes, St. Andrews State Park has two miles of beaches along the Gulf of Mexico and Grand Lagoon. Visitors can swim, sunbathe, or enjoy various water sports at the beach.

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