Tried to release, he had other plans… #alligator #gatorhunting #ohnonononoo (UPDATED 2023)


Tried to release, had other plans… 😂#alligator #gatorhunting #ohnonononoo

♬ original sound – Jagger.East


A hunter tried to release an alligator they caught, but the alligator had other plans. This humorous situation is captured in the sound clip “original sound – Jagger.East”, which is accompanied by the hashtag #alligator #gatorhunting #ohnonononoo. The sound clip captures the hunter’s surprise and shock as the alligator refuses to be released. It is a humorous take on the situation and serves as an entertaining reminder of the unpredictability of wildlife.

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before going alligator hunting:

1. Wear protective clothing – alligator skin is tough, so you need to be prepared for the possibility of being scratched or bitten.
2. Bring a fishing rod – alligators are usually found near bodies of water, so a fishing rod can come in handy when trying to catch one.
3. Have a plan – know what you’re going to do once you have an alligator in your sights.
4. Be aware of your surroundings – alligators can be surprisingly fast, so be sure to stay alert and watch for signs of their presence.
5. Know the regulations – make sure you’re familiar with the laws and regulations in your area when it comes to alligator hunting.
6. Have a partner – alligator hunting can be dangerous, so it’s always a good idea to have a partner with you.
7. Be patient – alligators can be elusive, so patience is key when trying to spot one.
8. Be prepared to wait – alligators are most active at night, so you may have to wait until the sun goes down before you have any luck.
9. Use the right bait – alligators are attracted to certain types of bait, so make sure you know what they like.
10. Have the right gear – make sure you have the necessary equipment for alligator hunting, such as a boat, net, and harpoon.

CaptainTim87 is an aspiring singer-songwriter from Florida. He has been writing and recording music since the age of 16 and has released several singles, EPs, and albums. His music is heavily influenced by rap, hip-hop, and R&B, but he also incorporates elements of rock, pop, and country into his sound. He has been featured on several radio stations and has opened for several big-name acts. He is also an avid alligator hunter, having participated in several gator hunts in the past. His most recent single, “Oh No No Nooo,” was inspired by his love of alligator hunting.


Q1: What inspired Captain Tim to write the song “Tried to Release, He Had Other Plans”?
A1: Captain Tim was inspired to write the song after a particularly difficult alligator hunting trip.

Q2: What type of alligator is referenced in the song?
A2: The song references an American alligator.

Q3: What is the genre of the song?
A3: The song is a mix of country, blues, and rock.

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