We made it back to the ramp, this time…. (UPDATED 2023)

@jasonlee8365 We made it back to the ramp, this time.... @onealb06 @harryballs76  #fishing #hunting #swamplife #floridal... - Gator Hunting Florida


We’re back on the ramp, this time…. @onealb06 @harryballs76 #fishing #hunting #swamlife #floridalife #gatorhunt #gatorhunting #actioncraft

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Jason Lee is back on the ramp, this time fishing, hunting, and gator hunting in Florida. He’s enjoying the swamlife and actioncraft, and sharing his experiences with his followers. He’s using hashtags such as #fishing, #hunting, #swamlife, #floridalife, #gatorhunt, and #gatorhunting to document his outdoor adventures. He’s sharing his experiences through original sound recordings.

READ MORE – @jasonlee8365 We made it back to the ramp, this time…. @onealb06 @harryballs76 #fishing #hunting #swamplife #floridal…


before going gator hunting in Florida:

1. Wear sturdy shoes and clothing that can protect you from sharp objects and the elements.
2. Bring a flashlight and extra batteries for nighttime hunts.
3. Have a plan for safely handling and storing your catch.
4. Use a boat or kayak to get to areas where gators are likely to be found.
5. Bring a fishing rod and bait to attract gators to your boat.
6. Make sure to stay away from the gator’s head and tail when attempting to catch it.
7. Have a first aid kit on hand in case of an emergency.
8. Bring plenty of water and snacks to keep your energy up.
9. Have a valid hunting license and follow all local regulations.
10. Always practice safety first and be aware of your surroundings.

about @jasonlee8365

Jason Lee8365 is an avid outdoorsman from Florida. He is a professional fishing guide and is known for his extensive knowledge of the local waterways. He is also an experienced hunter and is passionate about preserving the natural beauty of the Florida swamps. In addition to his outdoor activities, he is a passionate advocate for conservation and environmental protection.



1. What type of fishing does Jason Lee specialize in?
Answer: Jason Lee specializes in bass fishing.

2. What type of hunting does Jason Lee do?
Answer: Jason Lee enjoys hunting for alligators, ducks, and deer.

3. How long has Jason Lee been fishing and hunting in Florida?
Answer: Jason Lee has been fishing and hunting in Florida for over 10 years.

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Original Work by Jason Lee

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