Would you eat Bruce’s Burgers?! (UPDATED 2023)

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Would you eat Bruce’s burgers?

♬ Thanks for being so dumb – rigby‼️


Johnny Outdoors asked if anyone would eat Bruce’s burgers. The response to the question was a sarcastic comment from Rigby thanking Johnny for being so dumb. It appears that the answer to the question is no, as Rigby is implying that Johnny should have known better than to ask the question in the first place. It is unclear why Rigby would think that no one would eat Bruce’s burgers, but it is likely that they have a poor reputation.

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when eating outdoor burgers, johnny outdoors has you covered! Check out my blog post on the best tips for outdoor burgers: https://johnnyoutdoors.com/outdoor-burgers/

Johnny Outdoors is an outdoor enthusiast who loves to hunt, fish, and cook. He is an avid hunter who has been hunting since he was a young boy. He is also a passionate cook who loves to share his recipes with others. He is the founder of Bruce Mitchell’s Burgers, a popular restaurant chain in the Midwest, and is known for his creative, delicious burgers. Johnny is also an avid outdoorsman and enjoys camping, hiking, and fishing. He is also a passionate conservationist and is actively involved in conservation efforts in his local community.



Q1: What type of burgers does Bruce Mitchell make?
A1: Bruce Mitchell makes delicious, gourmet burgers made with freshly ground beef and a variety of seasonings.

Q2: What type of hunting does Johnny Outdoors do?
A2: Johnny Outdoors is an avid hunter and enjoys hunting for deer, turkey, and other game.

Q3: What is the best time of year for deer season?
A3: The best time for deer season varies depending on the region, but typically falls between late fall and early winter.

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